DevFest Nantes 2019 - Plug the guitars

Plug the guitars

Top Speakers

Before the announcement of the program, here are some of our top speakers of this DevFest 2019! 🎶 “Bruce Springsteen - Born to run” 🎶

Jen Looper
Jen Looper : I’m a Google Developer Expert and a Cloud Developer Advocate Lead at Microsoft with over 18 years’ experience as a web and mobile developer, specializing in creating cross-platform mobile apps. I’m a multilingual multiculturalist with a passion for hardware hacking, mobile apps, Vue.js, machine learning and discovering new things every day. I’m also the founder and CEO of Vue Vixens, an initiative promoting diversity in the Vue.js community. You can usually find me on Twitter @jenlooper.

Justin Fagnani
Justin Fagnani : He is a father, Oaklander, and a software engineer at Google working on Web Components and tools and libraries to help build them, like lit-html, LitElement and Polymer. Previously at Google he worked on the Dart project, and founded the Google App Maker project. Before Google he was an independent consultant, built educational software, and struggled as a musician for a while.

Josh Long
Josh Long : He (@starbuxman) is the Spring Developer Advocate at Pivotal and a Java Champion. He’s host of “A Bootiful Podcast”, host of the “Spring Tips Videos”, co-author of 6+ books, and instructor on 8+ Livelessons Training Videos.

CFP Stats

This year, we received 593 proposals! Every year, more and more of you trust us and want to live the Speaker experience at Devfest Nantes. 🎶 “Bob Dylan - Like a Rolling Stone” 🎶

A big thank you for the quality of the talks and your desire to share!