What is the DevFest?

The DevFests are major community events throughout the world, following the tradition of Google Developer Days and organized by local user groups. They constitute a unique opportunity to share and network around the World of Web and cloud technologies! This event will be followed by an after-event party to discuss and network!

Who is organizing this event?

The DevFest Nantes in 2019 is organized by GDG Nantes. More information on the team page.

How to become a sponsor or partner?

Simply by visiting our partnership proposition, or by contacting us by mail at organizers of GDG Nantes.


When and Where is the event?

The conference takes place on 21th and 22th October 2019 at the Cité des Congrès in Nantes.

Where can I leave my luggage?

Although the event is over several days, we do not allow participants to leave their luggage at the event. Cloakroom service is available free during the 2 days to deposit backpacks and jackets.

How to get there?

All information relating to the arrival in DevFest is available on the attending page.

Is there discounted tickets?

The discounted rate is applicable only in the following categories:

  • Students
  • Teachers
  • In-between jobs
  • Unemployed

In all cases, access to the discounted rate will be available only on providing justification proof. Without justification proof, the participant can not to attend the event. No refund will be provided.

How will the DevFest be organised?

This 2-days event will include three types of sessions: Conferences (50 minutes), Quickies events (20 minutes) and Codelabs (2 hours).

Conferences and Quickies talks will be presentations by renowned speakers or Googlers evoking their favorite technologies.

The Codelabs are more informal and will be an opportunity to put your hands (and feet) to work on code in the company of a technology expert in the field.

What are the topics?

This year you will find topics around the : Web, Mobile, IoT, Backend, Cloud, Big Data, Machine Learning, DevOps, Discovery …

How to register and how much does it cost?

Registration for DevFest Nantes can be done directly from this site by clicking the link on the home page. Admission is € 78 for the 2-day pass until June 30th 2019 then € 99 past this date, and € 20 for the discounted rate.

If I register and am not able to attend, can I get a refund?

Our entire ticketing is handled by a service provider, so you can cancel your tickets under the conditions defined by this one. After the date of the event, no refund will be made.

I have registered but am unable to attend, can I give it to a friend?

We can accept registration transfers. If you are aware of the change two weeks before the event, you can make the modification directly by clicking on the link “manage my order” at the bottom of your order confirmation email. If you are unable to inform us 2 weeks prior to the event (and are unable to make it), your “friend” must show up with your ticket and he/she will wear the badge registered in your name.

Are presentations recorded?

All sessions except Codelabs will be recorded and made available on the Youtube channel GDG France

Are talks in English or French?

The sessions can be both in English and in French, depending on the speakers chosen. As many speakers are from abroad, some sessions will be in English. These sessions will be indicated with a special icon.

How many presentations are held at the same time?

There will be all day 6 parallel sessions (one session per subject and 2 codelab)

About the image rights?

When participating in DevFest Nantes as a speaker or attendee, you agree to be recorded and photographed and potentially livestreamed.

You agree to use only royalty-free content or for which you have purchased the necessary licenses (images, music).

You agree that your presentation may be freely broadcast on Youtube.

I have registered but am unable to attend, can I give it to a friend?

Yes it’s possible, for that you must make the change yourself on your command management interface. It is accessible on the link “Manage my order” at the bottom of the purchase confirmation email.

I am organizing a User Group, how can I help you?

As a User Group, you can help us in several aspects:

  • By helping us find speakers
  • By broadcasting the event on your network. To facilitate this, we have several elements in the press section for distributing posters and banners at your disposal.

CFP: Call for Paper

How long does the CFP?

The Registration will open on May 1st 2019 and will close on June 30th 2019 at 23:59

My presentation has been accepted, do I still need to buy an Entry ticket/ pass for the conference?

Each speaker/ team of speakers is given a Free pass. It is therefore not necessary to buy a ticket. (Whether you are alone or several to present).

My presentation has not been accepted as yet, should I buy my Pass, just in case?

We will contact all presenters and we will propose more presentation slots if necessary to faclitate registration.

As a speaker, am I free to use what I want?

You agree to use only copyright-free content or for which you have made the necessary licenses purchases (images, music).


Other questions?

Contact us by mail to the address bureau@gdgnantes.com.