DevFest Nantes 2019 - Prepare your live set

Prepare your live set

Speakers: Ready to become a rockstar?

The CFP (Call For Papers, Call for Proposals) is open until 30th June. Like every year, we look forward to your topics. Please spread the word around you and with the ones who might be interested! If you do not know where to begin to become a speaker, do not hesitate to ping us on Twitter. We are also organizing a dedicated meetup “Cursus Speaker” in June. 🎵 “We Will Rock You - Queens” 🎵

Questions about how we select? That’s good, we wrote an article (in french) to explain it: The selection of talks on our medium.

Side formats & themes:

  • 3 formats: Conference (50 min) / Quickie (20 min) / Codelab (2h)
  • Several themes:
    • Web
    • UX / UI
    • Cloud & DevOps
    • Languages
    • BigData & AI
    • Mobile & IoT
    • Security
    • Discovery (everything related to IT but not technical)

We are excited to discover your talks on our CFP DevFest Nantes and do not forget 🎸 “We can not always get what you want - Rolling Stones “ 🎸, not everyone will be selected.


The ticket sales have exploded this year: we sold 1600 2-day passes in 40 hours. We did not even have time to write this newsletter as all places have already left. 🎵 “Thunderstruck - ACDC” 🎵

For information, we will put up for sale places 1 day on September 10 at 10am CEST. Be careful, last year, they’ve been sold in seconds.

We also launched a lottery for 50 additionnal pass 2 additional days Feel free to relay the information on Twitter or Linkedin.