Building better products faster: DevUx is the new DevOps

💚 UX / UI
📣 Conference

Front-end development has gotten trickier over the years. As new frameworks enable more complex behaviour, UX expectations have also risen. Yet, we still work the old way: Product defines features, designers make mock-ups, then developers integrate them. Side effects include: blocking dependencies, rework, misunderstanding, frustration, for everyone involved.

In this talk, we will provide you with a proven starter kit to improve all your future collaborations, among other things how to:

  • define the right process from the first concept of the feature to its design to its implementation on the app
  • define the perfect mock-up for painless design handoff
  • provide technical insights during the design process
  • involve the designer in your development process for a finishing touch

Join our movement and start growing a DevUx culture on your projects: build better, work faster, be happier!