How to Build Cloud-Native CI/CD Pipelines with Tekton on Kubernetes

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Across the software industry a common thread in modern projects is the need for continuous integration and deployment (CI/CD). Modern microservice architectures require reliable multi-environment CI/CD automation. There are a gamut of technologies addressing the need for CI/CD solutions. However, we struggle to get the right fit for our use cases. Traditional solutions tend to be rigid and resource hungry.

This is where Tekton, a flexible Kubernetes-native open-source CI/CD framework, which automates deployments across multiple platforms (Kubernetes, serverless, VMs), plays a crucial role. Tekton, hosted by the CD Foundation, aspires to be the common denominator in CI/CD, modeling what Kubernetes has become in Cloud-Native Application development.

This talk focuses on the Tekton Pipelines workflow, building blocks, and how you can tailor CI/CD solutions. It also covers the use of Tekton CLI and the Tekton Kubernetes Operator for effective life cycle management of CI/CD pipelines.