Paris, France


I’m currently Delevoper Relations Manager at Microsoft France. I am a tech enthusiast with a strong background around .NET development and DevOps phylosophy and practices.

I have a PhD in Computer Science. I worked several years around handwriting recognition and pen-based interfaces so I’m very familiar with all the real stuff behind the buzz words AI and Machine Learning :) I led the R&D team at Evodia, the ancestor of Script and Go

After the fall of Evodia during the 2008-2010 financial crisis, I joined Orange Applications for Business, a subsidiary of Orange, where I focused on Application Lifecycle Management, Agile methodologies and then DevOps practices. I worked at the technical board of the company reporting to the CTO, Philippe Ensarguet.

After 5 years, I joined Younited Credit at the beginning of its scaling stage to help them moving to a public cloud provider (Azure) and setting up Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery best practices.

My last move was the beginning of my story at Microsoft :)

I regularly talk at conferences such as Tech Days, EclipseCon France, API Days, Paris Open Source Summit, Cloud Expo Europe…

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