Toulouse, France

Stack Labs

Google Developer Expert on Google Cloud, I am above all passionate about tech, languages, infrastructure, and automation.

Java, Kotlin, Javascript or TypeScript are my day-to-day languages. I deploy all of those on the Google Kubernetes Engine with the Continuous Integration of Gitlab 🚀.

Addict of agility and devops, some of my work was to help teams to follow those philosophies. From the analysis of the code quality (with code-review or static analysis tool) to the setup of unit or end-to-end tests and ending by the continuous deployment of the application directly on the Google Cloud platform.

My mantra is to go to production as soon as possible! In my activity in Stack Labs and also in my personal time, I contribute on open source projects (Spring boot, Spring Security, Angular, Protractor, Jest schematics for Angular, NgxOpenlayers…). .

I’m involved in the GDG Toulouse, on the organization part (for the video capture part) and to provide some talks too. Following that, I’m also into the DevFest Toulouse team since day 1. I’m mainly managing the website during the Devfest season. Thanks to that, I became the first external contributor to the GDG-X/hoverboard project.

I’m currently CTO (and one of the founder) of Stack Labs, a company specialized in architecture and development of cloud solution. I supervise about twenty passionate and talented developers in their missions and during our internal events